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National Parks in the Northern Cape

Mokala National Park
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Mokala National Park

Setswana meaning for "Camel thorn" or Afrikaans local "Kameeldoring"

Located in a vast area of open plains and "Koppieveld" dolerite hills, makes for a peaceful far away feeling of seclusion despite only being 70 km from Kimberley. Passing through these hills, you are greeted by sandy open plains on the Northern and Western sides of the park. Drainage that begins in the hills, continue through the plains and end up in the near by Riet river.

The Camel thorn or "Kameeldoring" trees are abundant in this sandy and arid semi-desert region of Southern Africa. There are great variations in the species from, small shrubs through to trees reaching 15m high and wide. The tree is very useful and can be harvested for medicinal purposes, treating coughs and even nose bleeds by means of tree bark and gum. Roasted Camel Thorn seeds can be used as a substitute for Coffee