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Fly Fishing, Northern Cape

The Northern Cape province, home of the yellow fish

Fly fishing, Northern Cape The area boasts a treasure trove for fly fishing on the Vaal, Riet, Orange and Harts rivers. Of the best fly fishing venues in South Africa are found no further that 100km from Kimberley. Common species of fish in the area include: Yellow Fish (large & small mouth) and as found in abundance throughout most of central South Africa, Carp and Barbel (Cat fish).

Fly Fishing venues in the Northern Cape

Lillydale Lodge

Lilydale lodge, Northern Cape Lilydale, a fly fishing paradise located next to the Riet River, is known for its numerous smallmouth and largemouth yellowfish which thrive in the clean, constant-flowing water from the Vanderkloof Dam via a canal system. There are six kilometres of river for the keen flyfisherman to explore.

more info    co-ordinates: S°29 02' 18.3" E24° 30' 10.2"    or    -29.038405,24.502813
Photo courtesy of SANParks

Good Hope Game Reserve

Good Hope Resreve, Barkley West The Lower Vaal River in the Barkly West area is renowned as the unrivalled destination for world class flying for Large Mouth and Small Mouth Yellow fish in truly African surroundings. With rugged scenery abundant wildlife and access to the hard fighting fish that takes selective dry flies on the water surface, but nymphing is still the most productive way to catch these giant of our waters. Professional guides are available and given the importance of conservation based angling these species, only catch and release is practised at Good Hope.

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Our rivers

The Vaal River

South Africa's second largest river, (Orange river being the longest) is one of the most spectacular water sources for flyfishing. The river system is made up mostly of a number of streams that pass by banks of sand or small islands. This coupled with riffle water makes for a preferable habitat for Small-mouth Yellow fish.
Deep slow water flowing parts of the river is preferred by Large-mouthed Yellow fish.

Fly fishing on the Vaal river is not for the feint hearted but what a great challenge for enthusiasts.

The Riet River

Though not so well known and smaller, the Riet river is the last tributary joining the Vaal. However, it holds its own as a gem for fly fishing with low turbidity and predictably stable water levels.

Orange River

At 2 200km in length the Orange river is the longest river in South Africa. It begins in the Drakensberg Mountains and courses its way travelling west towards Alexander Bay on the West Coast of Southern Africa.

Fly-fishing along the Orange is offered at the Richtersveld National Park. Fly-fishing is offered on a eco-friendly catch-and-release basis and is great fun! Companies operate 1 to 5 day fly-fishing safaris camping out on the banks of the river.

The best time of year to go fly fishing on the Orange is said to be August to December, May to July.
High water: Mid December to April

The water way is also very popular with Canoeists, especially during seasonal rainy months, (March and April) creating adventurous rapids. There are great spots to overnight right on the banks of the river and many take this opportunity to paddle 4 or 6 day trips down the river, staying overnight and moving on the next day.