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National Parks in the Northern Cape

Augrabies Falls | South Africa
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Augrabies Falls National Park

The Orange river, splits into a number of separate channels. Cascading waterfalls drop down 56 meters and then enters an 18km gorge. Welcome to the Augrabies Falls.
Imaginative titles like, "Moon rock", "Ararat" and "Echo corner" have been popularised for the rocky out-crops.

In flood season, the Augrabies Falls on the Orange river is a site to see and hear as the thunderous current of the river drops 56m. The Khoi people called it 'Aukoerebis' which translates to, "Place of Great Noise". This noise is, "great" because of the rocky nature of the river sides echoed by bombardment of water flow and River Gorge.

Must see at Augrabies

Moon rock

This huge rock-dome also known as, "whaleback" gives rise to a spectacular view from its summit. The whole of the park is to be seen from here.

Swart Rante

This natural phoenomenon of igneos rock creates a divide by means of strikingly dark hills in between the formidable gorge and more fertile land on the opposite side.

Ararat and Oranjekom

For the best view of the great Orange river gorge, "Ararat" and, "Oranjekom" are the best spots to see from. From high up, it is easy to see the abundant wildlife below. Be sure to spot the Black Eagle which prey on the many Rock Hyrax thriving on rock outcrops in the gorge. Often seen in the river below are the Cape Clawless Otter. Best viewing of the wildlife can be seen in the early mornings.

Echo Corner

As implied by its name, Echo Corner bounces sound from nearby high topographical rocky ledges. At the furtherest point from the rest post, Echo corner's road takes you through the parks most unforgettable scenery.